Some questions from Newbie


Some simple questions about the timing, currently I am in Easter Time Zone:

  1. As currently still working from home, kind of want to understand when the leader board is refreshed usually in the Eastern Time Zone, but just there is no fixed time to refresh it, is that correct?

  2. Yesterday just get my first round with a payout score, since I do not see it in the wallet, is that a timing issue? Or I should check it somewhere else I do not realize?

Thanks you for your help.

User: pwang24

  1. Tends to be around 3-4pm UTC on most days, with the exception of Thursday where it is a lot later, usually after 9pm UTC. But having said that the last week or two it seems that the daily scores (leaderboard update) have been coming out later than this. Best way to keep on track of them is to get the numerai payouts app, its really useful for keeping track of scores, and it also sends you a notification when scores come out each day.
  1. When you’re paid at the end of the round its automatically restaked on the model. If you want to withdraw it from the model you can decrease your stake in the stake management menu. There’s a 4 week lag in withdrawals though so you won’t get the money instantly.

Thanks for the reply. I saw it, as I saw the payout amount is increased to the staked model.